Technology Solutions and Services – The Smart Approach to Customer Engagement

Converging social will, environmental stewardship, and financial responsibility – or the Triple Bottom Line – requires that smart water metering technology providers adapt and deliver 21st Century sustainable solutions. We have seen successful … [Continue reading]

Sustainability of Cities All About the Human Ecosystem

2013-06-06 Image of Todd Q Adams

My friend, Simone Lightfoot heads up regional urban initiatives for the National Wildlife Federation. She and I recently shared ideas relative to the connection between urban revitalization in the Midwest and environmental sustainability. Since our … [Continue reading]

Smart Grid Best Practices – We Need to Understand Worst Practices

The integration of digital technology by various electric utilities represents the most significant change to the U.S. electric grid in over a century.  As these Smart Grid deployments mature, business process transformation has become an absolute … [Continue reading]

Environmental Sustainability – It Takes Real Organizational Change

As a management consultant I have helped many large corporations and public-sector institutions manage technological, strategic, and operational change.  These organizations will develop business cases for various initiatives, and they will often … [Continue reading]

Environmental Sustainability – Your Age Seems to Matter

I have spent most of my career delivering business and technology solutions to various public interest sectors.  These sectors include public utilities, government, healthcare, and higher education.  Each sector can easily identify socially … [Continue reading]